Rhine Riesling

Rhine Riesling - The harmony of the flavors of this wine is enchanting. In the fragrance, as well as in the taste, there can be found traces of wild flowers and almonds.
We recommend this wine as an aperitif or with fish dishes, cold dishes and chicken-paprikash.
The recommended serving temperature is at 10-12 ° C.

Vinum Lodi - Merlot
Vinum Lodi - Blaufränkischer
Vinum Lodi -Cabernet Sauvignon
Vinum Lodi - Lodi Cuvée
Vinum Lodi - Blaufränkisch Rosé
Vinum Lodi - Zupljanka
Vinum Lodi - Rhine Riesling
Vinum Lodi - Italian Riesling
Vinum Lodi - Chardonnay