Lodi Cuvée

This is an extraordinary wine with an smooth harmony of taste. There is a bit of sugar left, but the properties of fruit and region dominate this special red wine. The Cuvée has no strong acids.
We recommend this wine for beensoups, paprikash, ocean fish and to different cheeses.
The service temperature should be about 13°C – 16°C.

Vinum Lodi - Merlot
Vinum Lodi - Blaufränkischer
Vinum Lodi -Cabernet Sauvignon
Vinum Lodi - Lodi Cuvée
Vinum Lodi - Blaufränkisch Rosé
Vinum Lodi - Zupljanka
Vinum Lodi - Rhine Riesling
Vinum Lodi - Italian Riesling
Vinum Lodi - Chardonnay