Italian Riesling

Italian Riesling - a dry white wine with moderate body and balanced acidity.
It has a scent of grape flowers, but surprisingly it recalls the taste of acacia.
We recommend this wine as an aperitif or with fish dishes, chicken-paprikash, fresh cheese and salted pasta.
The recommended serving temperature is at 10-12 ° C.

Vinum Lodi - Merlot
Vinum Lodi - Blaufränkischer
Vinum Lodi -Cabernet Sauvignon
Vinum Lodi - Lodi Cuvée
Vinum Lodi - Blaufränkisch Rosé
Vinum Lodi - Zupljanka
Vinum Lodi - Rhine Riesling
Vinum Lodi - Italian Riesling
Vinum Lodi - Chardonnay