The winery “Vinum” of the Lodi family

Podrum vina Lodi


Bácsfeketehegy was founded by Kuns in the year 1785. The village lies in the heart of Bácska. Its placed in the last foothills of the Telecska. This village, with his 4000 inhabitants, is famous for his black cherries, wineyards and his wine.


    Following the traditions of his ancestors, Miklos Lodi, who lived for nearly 20 years in Switzerland, decided to invest all his earnings into a family winery-business. The investion happened in a quite difficult place at a difficult time.

Vinum Lodi - Merlot
Vinum Lodi - Blaufränkischer
Vinum Lodi -Cabernet Sauvignon
Vinum Lodi - Lodi Cuvée
Vinum Lodi - Blaufränkisch Rosé
Vinum Lodi - Zupljanka
Vinum Lodi - Rhine Riesling
Vinum Lodi - Italian Riesling
Vinum Lodi - Chardonnay