About us

The winery “Vinum” of the Lodi family

Podrum vina Lodi


Feketić was founded by Kuns in the year 1785. The village lies in the heart of Bácska. Its placed in the last foothills of the Telecska. This village, with his 4000 inhabitants, is famous for his black cherries, wineyards and his wine.

Following the traditions of his ancestors, Miklos Lodi, who lived for nearly 20 years in Switzerland, decided to invest all his earnings into a family winery-business. The investion happened in a quite difficult place at a difficult time.

The winery

The winery was built by Matyas Meszaros. He is a constructor from Temerin. The lenght of the building is 44 yards and consists of the following permises:

-  An arched, underground cellar, which hold the oak vats for the ageing of the red wines
-  A half underground cellar, where the cider is being fermented and stored
-  Winechamber where the cider for the red wines is fermented
-  Room for selling
-  Office
-  Distillery, where brandy and schnapps are destilled
-  Place for wine tasting under the open sky
-  Room for wine degustation – for dinners, business meetings and all other social gatherings, space for 42 guests, equipped with a kitchen and two modern bathrooms. The degustation room has his own special classical look, the furniture is made of massive wood, there is an old fashioned oven for the winter and in the summer the room is cooled by airconditioning.

The winery owns a 1.2 ton heavy hydraulic press, grape seeder, grape mill, different pumps, filtering installations, bottling-, corc- and labelling contrivance and containers of 10566 gallons for the wine storage and 7900 gallons for the fermantation of the cider. In addition to the containers, the business has several oak vats for the red wines.
In the backyard of the celler, there is an apricot grove and next to the celler are vines in traditional low-cultivation style.
The openings of the business are every day from 8 am till 7pm except Sunday. Sunday is the day off. 
We are looking forward to your visit for wine tasting in a friendly ambience. 


1997 - 2Ha of vines were planted
2000 - 1Ha was added
2004 - another 0.6Ha of vines were added
2008 - next to the cellar were added vines in traditional low-cultivation style
In 2012 we expanded the wineyard with 4500 samples of Chardonnay and 1500 samples of Merlot.

All together we cultivate 14000 vines. The vines were planted in a distance of 9.5 feet. The cultivation style is an elevated one with one vine-twig (“Moser” cultivation).
The cultivation of the ground is handled with mashinery whereas the culitvation of the vines is performed manually. Against germs we protect us with contact pesticides.
Weedkillers are not used.  
Grape variety:
White wine
-     Italian Riesling
-     Rhaine Riesling
-     Žzupljanka
-     Chardonnay
-     Blaufränkisch
Red wine
-      Blaufränkisch
-      Merlot
-      Cabernet Sauvignon
The grape harvest is also conducted by hand. This is the most crusial periode of the year. At the harvest everybody is invited to help. As employees as friends and family too. The end of the harvest is celebrated with a traditional Lambpaprikash.


The wines can be bought in 0.75lit, 1lit bottles and openly.
Orders for weddings, cristenings and other celebrations are welcome too. Businesses and private persons can order already bottled wines for their own labels, which then they give away as gifts.
In addition to this, we welcome bigger groups of visitors and organise wine tasting. These groups should announce them before arriving in a weeks advance. 
You can find our wines regulary at the International Winecompetition in Temerin, the International Market of Novi Sad and the Wineexhibition of Mitrovica. In addition to these competitions and exhibitions we were invited to the House of Hungary Wines in Budapest, Hungary. Our wines received many awards from different exhibitions and competitions in the region of Vojvodina.